The Way I Code

Over the time of learning and practicing various programming techniques, on personal and organizational projects, I have developed a discipline on the way I code - I should code for my users.

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Open Source Charting Libraries I Have Tried

In a recent project, I needed to maintain quite a number (8-9 and growing) of charts that support “real-time” data updates (1 second interval) on a single page. The following open source libraries are what I have tried.

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Shareable Code for Node and Browser

I had a simple problem along the way of exploring Node.js, which involves writing modules that work for both server and client sides. Just like many programmers nowadays, I google’d out a solution (which was written by the person who authored async, so I guess I need to thank him at least twice).

However this doesn’t solve all my problem since I am way too lazy to get rid of all those amazing open source libraries.

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Inbox 0

“Yes, you have my full attention right now.”

TL;DR: Archive emails (ham), with discipline.

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Latest Toys

I have been toying around with a few ideas lately, the process allowed me to tackle some interesting problems by ways that are not so conventional, at least not the ones from Google page 1’s.

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I was joking the other day, that by looking at the current Ubuntu version number, one could realize how fast time goes by.

Though I believe these time based concepts are just illusions that human beings created, that I would rather not let them clutter my mind as other unworthy things, they matter in the real world, or meta world that I would like to call it.

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League of Legends and Software Engineering

It was about the same time when I got into the amazing worlds of programming and strategy games, when I was about 16 years old.

Ten years later, I’ve figured out some astonishing similarities between them.

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Tame (Py)cURL Part 2

Previously, we discussed the possibility to hack PycURL to achieve somewhat a more controllable HTTP streaming client.

Today, let’s add some Redis ingredients into our recipe and make this tool more controllable so that we can solve the remaining problems aforementioned.

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Tame (Py)cURL

Recently I needed to have something that allows me to have more control over my data stream client, so that:

  1. When desired, it would stop and close the connection as gracefully as possible.
  2. A precise counter for how many records have been received is in place.

The initial implementation was quite straightforward:

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Droplet 2

As mentioned earlier, I finally dropped virtual host and rented myself a Droplet. It’s cheap, easy to setup, no downside yet (except that it’s a really small instance compare to what I work with during day times).

I’ve wanted to move our to a VPS for a long time now since I don’t like Wordpress without heavy optimizations. With a virtual host there wasn’t much I could do.

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Needed a Drop

GitHub page has served me well. But since I already signed up a $5 VPS at, I figured it’s time to switch to gain more control and pollute GitHub commit number no more.

Here’s a list of things I did with this little devil:

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Reader In Peace

Just about a month ago, I decided to fully switch from Google Reader to Twitter for news aggregation. The reason was simple, I always had 1000+ unread feeds, and at the end of the day, I’d just ‘Mark All Read’ and let go; Twitter does exactly that, all automagically.

After being a long time user of Google Reader, I want to jot down some thoughts about it.

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No Cache for Blog

PHP was the first programming language I learned, no matter how bad you think it is, it has its fair share of contribution toward my knowledge pool today. During that learning process, other than programming insights and techniques, I learned two things:

  1. PHP is frustrating to work with
  2. Wordpress is a really good blogware

After years of using Wordpress, I decided to try something new. It’s not like I blog a lot anyways, but it’s nice to have something to perform my brain-dump. The major reason behind this decision is due to the way blogware of its generation are flawed by design.

How so?

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